Initialization Option Items API


Configure options relating to a random Activity. This allows for an assessment based on a random selection of Items from pre-selected groups.

You would want to use this to make random Activities, based on easily controlled Item groups.


var initializationOptions = {
    "random": {
        "groups": [
                "type": "fixed",
                "label": "Introduction",
                "shuffle_items": true,
                "items": [
                    {"id": "Demo3","reference": "Demo3"},
                    {"id": "Demo4","reference": "Demo4"}
                "type": "random",
                "label": "Math",
                "deliver": 1,
                "items": [
                    {"id": "Demo5","reference": "Demo5"},
                    {"id": "Demo6","reference": "Demo6"}
            // ...


Request object key random

Type object

The following object properties can be configured.

  • groups array[GroupObjects]

    Defines groups of Items which specifies which Items should be included, and any additional configuration for that group.


Important This feature currently does not support sections or multiple Item banks.


Version added: v2024.1.LTS

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