Initialization Option Items API


Define which Items or Item Tags should be used to create subscore groups for further calculations and analysis. Subscores are a breakdown of a total score achieved for an Activity. They allow you to extract groups of Items, and focus on scoring them separately.

You would want to use this option so that you can view the processed results using Data API.

See Using Subscores With Your Activities for further information and examples.


// Start the assessment in the "review" state
var initializationOptions = {
    "subscores": [
            "id": "subscore-test-1",
            "title": "Subscore Test 1",
            "items": [
                "Practice Test 10",
                "Practice Test 2"
            "id": "subscore-test-2",
            "title": "Subscore Test 2",
            "items": [
                "Practice Test 1",
    // ...


Request object key subscores

Type array[subscoreDefinition]

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