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Specifies whether the learner is able to send their assessment responses in an email using a local email client or app.

You would want to specify this option so that you can enable learners to send an email from the submit_failed_options dialog to submit their assessment responses.


Request object key config.configuration.submit_failed_options.mailto

Default: false

This option can be initialized as one of the following types: boolean object.

  • Type boolean

    Enable or disable the browser mailto: feature with the default mailto: email options.

    When set to false, the mailto: option will not be shown.

    When set to true, the default mailto: URI settings are shown in the example.

        "to": "",
        "cc": "",
        "bcc": "",
        "subject": "Raw assessment responses"
  • Type object
    • to string
      Main recipient email address, usually the teacher or proctor.
    • cc string
      The email address to CC.
    • bcc string
      The email address to BCC.
    • subject string
      Email subject.

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