Initialization Option Items API


Specifies parameters related to the assessment timer such as countdown and expiry settings.

You would want to specify this option so that you can set a time limit for the assessment, for example.

This option can also be set inside sections to define the time parameters of each section.

Important Supported with rendering_type: "assess" only.


// Set various assessment timer options:
// 1. Set the maximum time for the assessment to 10 minutes
// 2. Enable the warning indicator when 60 seconds remains
// 3. Force the assessment submission when the time has run out
// 4. Show the timer counting down from the total assessment time
var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "time": {
            "max_time": 600,
            "warning_time": 60,
            "limit_type": "hard",
            "countdown_option": true
    // ...


Request object key config.time

Type object

This object has the following properties which can be configured.

  • countdown number

    Set the amount of time before the learner's session ends, in the context of proctored assessments.

  • countdown_option boolean

    Setting this option to true causes the assessment player timer to count down from the max_time value.

  • limit_type string

    Specify the action taken when the time limit max_time expires.

  • max_time number

    The total time allowed for learners to complete the assessment, in seconds.

  • start_time object

    Defines the initial commencement time of a learner's assessment.

  • warning_time number

    Specifies whether to warn the learner that time is running out by showing them a visual cue (red background) in the timer element of the assessment player, when the session has reached a certain amount of seconds left.


If you override the time configuration for any section using the SectionObject config option, this time configuration will be ignored.

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