Author API Guide

Learnosity's Author API allows searching and creation of Learnosity powered content from within your content management systems, whilst leveraging the power of the Learnosity author site for creation of rich items with a simple interface. Flip side of

The Author API retrieves items from your Learnosity hosted item bank, and allows you to edit and save any changes back to Learnosity.

Simple and advanced demos of this feature can be found below, which are all fully available from our public GitHub Repo (linked from our demo site).

Core Features

Easily Embeddable, Seamless Experience

Easily embedded into your page, the Author API provides an amazingly simple way to look through your Learnosity hosted Item Bank, and fetch out references and details for the Items you want.

The list view also acts as a doorway for authors to edit and create content.

Item List
Item Edit

Simple Mechanisms to create Learnosity content

The easiest way to modify your Learnosity hosted items. Just render the Author API, create or edit your item, and with a single click, you have what you need, ready for use by Items API.