This article outlines the approach to internationalization of labels and text rendered by the Author API UI and details the available labels for override, showing example markup.

Label Bundles

When calling LearnosityAuthor.init() an internationalization bundle of key value pairs can be supplied as label_bundle.

Below is the current list of labels that can be changed through the label_bundle object. It is intended to cover all text that is displayed to the user.

Label Name English Content
hours Hours
minutes Minutes
saveButton Save
duplicateButton Duplicate item
backButton Back
loadingText Loading
labelPublished Published
labelUnpublished Unpublished
labelArchived Archived
labelAllItems All Items
modalClose Close
pasteCSV Paste CSV data below:
previewData Preview your data below:
editorAddButton Add new
editorLayoutToggle Layout
editorDeleteButton Delete
editorDeleteConfirmButton Confirm?
editorEditButton Edit
editorEditMode Edit Mode
editorToggleEdit Edit
editorTogglePreview Preview
editorShowAnswers Show Answers
editorActivityCountWarning Warning: This Item is used in Activities. Any changes will impact all Activities that use this Item.
editorDescriptionLengthError Description must be a string with a maximum length of 250 characters.
dataTableHeading Data Table
editorLayoutHeading Layout options
editorLayoutSingleColumn Single column
editorLayout3070 30 | 70
editorLayout5050 50 | 50
editorLayout7030 70 | 30
editorLayout4060 40 | 60
editorLayout6040 60 | 40
editorLayoutT T-Layout
editorLayoutTabsTitleNoColumns No columns
editorLayoutTabsTitleLeft Left column
editorLayoutTabsTitleRight Right column
editorLayoutTabsSubtitle Tabs
editorLayoutEnableSlider Make vertical divider visible
editorLayoutTabsDescription Create two tabs in this area
editorLayoutScrollSubtitle Enable scrolling for long content
editorLayoutCancel Cancel
editorLayoutOK OK
editorLayoutApply Apply
editorLayoutTabsDivider Make vertical divider visible
backWithUnsavedChangesItem You have unsaved changes to this item.\nAre you sure you want to return to the list view?
backWithUnsavedChangesQuestionFeature You have unsaved changes to this question/feature.\nAre you sure you want to go back?
typeChangeWithUnsavedChangesQuestionFeature You have unsaved changes.\nNavigating away will lose those saved changes.
unsavedChangesNavigateConfirm You have unsaved changes to this item. Do you really want to navigate to a new page?
titlePlaceholderText Say something about this item
titleLabel Title:
referenceLabel Reference:
settings Settings
settingsLayout Layout
settingsDetails Details
settingsTags Tags
settingsDataTable Data table
settingsActions Actions
settingsConfirmDiscard Discard changes?
settingsConfirmDiscardYes Yes
settingsConfirmDiscardNo No
settingsApplyChanges Apply
settingsCancel Cancel
settingsReferenceLabel Reference
referenceDescription The unique identifying code for an item.
settingsTitleLabel Title
titleDescription A friendly title used to help identify content. Max 150 characters.
settingsStatusLabel Status
statusOptionsPublished Published
statusOptionsUnpublished Unpublished
statusOptionsArchived Archived
settingsDescriptionLabel Description
descriptionDescription Describe the item for other authors.
settingsScoringTypeLabel Scoring type
scoringTypeOptionsPerQuestion Per Question
scoringTypeOptionsDichotomous Dichotomous
scoringTypeOptionsDependent Dependent (EBSR)
settingsSourceLabel Source
sourceDescription Capture the source of the item content.
settingsNoteLabel Notes
noteDescription Make notes against the item.
settingsAcknowledgementsLabel Acknowledgements
acknowledgementsDescription Acknowledgements to contributors of the item content.
settingsDifficultyLabel Difficulty level
dataTableContinue Continue
dataTableReset Reset
dataTableConfirm Confirm?
dataTablePreviewBack Edit
dataTableHeader Add CSV data below:
itemLayoutTabLabel Tabs
itemLayoutTabDescription Create two tabs
itemLayoutLeftColumnLabel Left
itemLayoutRightColumnLabel Right
itemLayoutVerticalDividerLabel Show vertical divider
itemLayoutEnableScrollingLabel Enable scrolling for long content
itemLayoutActionLabel Apply
settingsActionBuilderTitle Action builder
settingsActionBuilderSubtitle Add special behaviors to the item's content
settingsActionBuilderIntroMessage Enter an event-action JSON object. Your code will be validated.
settingsActionBuilderInvalidJSONMessage Invalid JSON. Please check your input and try again.
settingsActionBuilderIncompatibleJSONMessage Incompatible JSON. Please check your input and try again.
settingsActionBuilderShowSource Show source
settingsActionBuilderHideSource Hide source
settingsActionBuilderPreview Preview
settingsActionBuilderAddAction ADD ACTION
settingsActionBuilderStepTitle Action %number%
settingsActionBuilderDelayLabel Action delay in seconds (optional)
settingsActionBuilderActionArgsLabel Action arguments
settingsActionBuilderActionTargetLabel Action target
settingsActionBuilderEventOriginLabel Event origin
settingsActionBuilderEventNameLabel Event name
settingsActionBuilderActionNameLabel Action name
settingsActionBuilderQuestionsOptGroupLabel questions
settingsActionBuilderFeaturesOptGroupLabel features
settingsActionBuilderCurrenItemOptionLabel current item
settingsActionBuilderPreviewTitle Action builder preview
settingsActionBuilderReloadPreview Reload preview
settingsActionBuilderPreviewDummyItemText Sample Item for testing the "Go to next Item" action.
settingsActionBuilderPreviewErrorMessage Oops, something went wrong! Try reloading the preview.
confirmItemDuplicateTitle Duplicate item
confirmItemDuplicatePassagesTitle Passages.
confirmItemDuplicateOkButton Duplicate
confirmItemDuplicateCancelButton Cancel
confirmItemDuplicateWarningMessage This item contains passage(s) which would be shared with the duplicated item.
confirmItemDuplicateOptionMessage This item contains passage(s) which would be shared with the duplicated item. Would you like to duplicate the passage(s)?
confirmItemDuplicateSharedPassages Duplicate the passage(s)
featureTooltipImagetool Image tool
featureTooltipCalculator Calculator
featureTooltipAudioPlayer Audio player
featureTooltipPassage Passage
featureTooltipVideoPlayer Video player
backWithUnsavedChangesActivity You have unsaved changes to this activity.\nAre you sure you want to return to the activity list view?
activityListEmptyState Nothing here.
activityListItemButton Create
matchAllTags Match all tags
matchAnyTags Match at least one tag
activityListEmptyItemCounter No Items
activityListSingleItemCounter item
activityListPluralItemCounter items
activityListMinutesCounter minutes
searchTitleReferenceDescription Title / Reference / Description
searchReferenceDescription Reference / Description
sourceButton Source
settingsButton Player
detailsButton Details
activityTagsButton Tags
activityReferenceDescription The unique identifying code for an Activity.
activityDescriptionHeader Description
activityDescription Enter a description for authors. Max 1000 characters.
activityItems Items
activityItemInfoNotAvailable Information not available
activityFindItems Find items
activityCreateItem Create item
activityRemoveItems Remove
activitySource Source
activitySourceError Your JSON appears to be invalid. Review it for errors and try again.
activityTitlePlaceholderText Say something about this activity
activityRestrictedOrMissingItems This Activity contains restricted or missing Items. The information in those Items is not available or shown in the preview.
assessPlayerLayout Choose a preconfigured template for the player
assessTitle Title
assessSubtitle Subtitle
assessActivityTime Activity time
assessReadingTime Reading time
assessLimitType Force submit after time expires
assessWarningTime Warn on 60 seconds remaining
assessShuffle Shuffle Items
assessConfigMain Standard
assessConfigHorizontal Long content
assessConfigHorizontalFixed Long content with sticky footer
resetIntroOutroItem reset
customizeIntroOutroItem customize
customizedIntroOutroItem Customized
welcomeScreen Welcome screen
exitScreen Exit screen
introOutroEnable Enable
activityPlayerTab Player
activityInlineTab List
itemReference Item Reference
showCustomizeRegionSettings Show options
hideCustomizeRegionSettings Hide options
defaultIntroItem Default Intro Item
defaultOutroItem Default Outro Item
duplicateActivityButton Duplicate activity
duplicateActivityBasicSubTitle Basic duplication.
duplicateActivityShareCreateSubTitle Share items or create new.
duplicateActivityMessageTitle Duplicate activity
duplicateActivityMainMessage You are about to duplicate the settings of this activity.
duplicateActivityMultiIbkWarning You cannot make new copies of the items within this activity as some originate from external item banks.
duplicateActivityShallowMessage All items will be shared across the new activity.
duplicateActivityDeepMessage1 By default, all items will be shared in the new activity.
duplicateActivityDeepMessage2 If new copies are required, please check the box below.
duplicateActivityDeepMessage3 Creating new copies may take several minutes.
duplicateActivityContentTitle Full content duplication
duplicateActivityDuplicateSharedPassages Create new copies of passages within items
duplicateActivityItemsAndWidgets Create new copies of all items
duplicateActivityConfirmButton Duplicate
duplicateActivitySuccess Successfully duplicated!
duplicateActivityCancel Cancel
duplicateActivityBack Back
duplicateActivitySuccessMessage Start editing the new activity below.
duplicateActivityEdit Edit activity
duplicateActivityCloseButton Close
duplicateActivityWarning Your current changes are not saved and will not be applied if you make a deep copy of the activity. Do you want to continue with duplication?
duplicateActivityTimerMessageJustNow Started just now.
duplicateActivityTimerMessage Started %amount% seconds ago.
duplicateActivityReferenceMessage The new activity reference will be:
duplicateActivityNewActivityWarning You cannot duplicate an unsaved new activity. Please save the activity and try again.
duplicateActivityShallowDuplicateSuccessMessage Your activity has been successfully duplicated. You can begin editing it below (click to dismiss).
duplicateActivityError Error
duplicateActivityErrorMessage There was an error in duplicating the activity. Try again?
duplicateActivityErrorTryAgain Try again
itemBankListDefaultItemBank Default item bank
itemBankListLabel Item Bank:
itemBankListSwitch Switch to:
activityCustomizeLabels Customize text labels
activityResetLabels Reset
activityResetLabelsConfirm Confirm?
activityEditButtonsSectionLabel Buttons
activityEditMessagingSectionLabel Messaging
activityEditTitleSectionLabel Title
activityEditToolTipSectionLabel Tooltip
activityEditOtherSectionLabel Other
activityEditItemAddedOnSave This item will be added to the Activity on save
activityEditItemAddSuccess Item successfully added to the Activity
activityEditItemUnsavedChangesAlert You have unsaved changes to this item.\nAre you sure you want to return to the activity?
title_element Title
pause_button Pause
timer_element Timer
reading_timer_element Reading Timer
itemcount_element Item Count
verticaltoc_element Vertical Table of Contents
horizontaltoc_element Horizontal Table of Contents
save_button Save
fullscreen_button Fullscreen
reviewscreen_button Review Screen
accessibility_button Accessibility
calculator_button Calculator
flagitem_button Flag Item
notepad_button Notepad
stickynote_add_button Add Sticky Note
stickynote_visibility_button Show/Hide Sticky Notes
drawing_mode_button Draw
drawing_visibility_button Show/Hide Drawings
next_button Next
previous_button Previous
progress_element Progress Bar
itemListLastUpdated Last updated
itemListDateCreated Created
itemListEmptyState Nothing here.
itemListNewItemButton New Item
itemListItemButton Item
itemListPreviousButton Previous
itemListNextButton Next
itemListCountTo to
itemListCountOf of
itemListAuthorPrep By
itemListRetrievingTotal Retrieving...
itemListDisplayTotal Display total
toolTipDateTimeSeparator at
toolTipDateFormat ll
toolTipTimeFormat LT
sortTypeButton Sort
sortTypeUpdated Last Updated
sortTypeCreated Created
sortTypeByNewest Newest First
sortTypeByOldest Oldest First
sortTypeAlphabetical Reference
sortTypeAlphabeticalTitle Title
sortTypeAZ A–Z
sortTypeZA Z–A
searchHierarchy Hierarchy
searchAllTags All Tags
searchButton Search
searchClearAllButton Clear
searchEitherTags Either Tags
searchExcludeTags Exclude Tags
searchPlaceholder Find by content
searchQuestionFeatureType Question / Feature Type
searchQuestionReference Question Reference
searchReference Reference
searchReferencePlaceholder Find by reference
searchContent Content
searchContentPlaceholder Find by content
searchTitle Title
searchTitlePlaceholder Find by title
searchSourceNote Source / Note
searchStatus Status
searchTags Tags
taggingInputLabel Attach tags to this item
taggingEmptyState Nothing here.
taggingTagsLabel Attached tags:
taggingSuggestionsTitle Suggestions:
taggingSuggestionsEmpty Nothing found.
taggingSearchPlaceholder Find
taggingActionLabel Apply
activityTaggingInputLabel Attach tags to this activity
activityTaggingEmptyState Nothing here.
activityTaggingTagsLabel Attached tags:
activityTaggingSuggestionsTitle Suggestions:
activityTaggingSuggestionsEmpty Nothing found.
activityTaggingSearchPlaceholder Find
itemListQuestionCountAriaLabel Number of questions
itemListTagHierarchyPlaceholder Category
tagCountAriaLabel Number of tags
tagFlyoutCloseButton Close
noTagsPlaceholder No Tags
viewAllTagsButton All Tags
questionEditQuestionsTab Questions
questionEditFeaturesTab Features
questionEditItemCountWarning You are editing a passage which is shared among %number% Item(s)
removeItemsSuccessMessage %number% Item(s) successfully removed
tagPlaceholder Find by tags
allTagsPlaceholder Find tags
eitherTagsPlaceholder Find either tags
cannotParseCsv The CSV cannot be parsed, please try again!
csvEmptyHeader CSV header cannot be empty
csvColumnsUnaligned All CSV rows require the same number of columns
dataTableButton Data
questionPreviewHeading Preview
questionPreviewCancel Cancel
questionPreviewSelect Select
searchPassagePlaceholder Find passage by content
findExistingPassage Find existing passage
itemPreviewHeading Preview
itemReadOnly Read-only
activityEditAddItems Add%number%Item(s)
activityEditPickIntro Pick intro Item
activityEditPickOutro Pick outro Item
activityEditItemArchivedFlag This Item is archived.
addItemsSuccessMessage %number% Item(s) successfully added
itemClosePreviewHeading Close preview
backWithSelectedItems You have selected %number% Item(s) but not added them to the activity.\nAre you sure you want to return to the Activity edit view?
backWithIntroItem You have selected an intro Item but not added it to the Activity. \nAre you sure you want to return to the Activity edit view?
backWithOutroItem You have selected an outro Item but not added it to the Activity. \nAre you sure you want to return to the Activity edit view?
emptyActivityMessage This Activity is empty, please add Items.
overlayHeader Activity Duplication
overlayGenericMessage Message
overlayDuplicatedActivity Duplicated activity
overlayCurrentActivity Current activity
audioRecorderRecordButton Record audio
audioRecorderUploadButton Upload audio
audioRecorderAudioInputLabel Audio input
audioRecorderAudioInputEmpty No audio inputs available
audioRecorderFeedbackPreRecording Click here to begin recording
audioRecorderFeedbackBeginRecording Recording begins in
audioRecorderFeedbackRecording Recording
audioRecorderButtonRecordingPause Pause
audioRecorderRecordingFinishButton Finish
audioRecorderRecordingResumeButton Resume
audioRecorderFeedbackRecordingPaused Recording paused
audioRecorderPlaybackPlayButton Play
audioRecorderPlaybackPauseButton Pause
audioRecorderPlaybackStopButton Stop
audioRecorderPlaybackResumeButton Resume
audioRecorderFeedbackPlaybackPaused Playback paused
audioRecorderFeedbackPlaybackStopped Playback stopped
audioRecorderReplaceRecording A previous recording exists. If you continue, it will be discarded. Are you sure you want to discard existing recording?
audioRecorderDiscardChanges Discard changes?
audioRecorderDiscardChangesYesButton Yes
audioRecorderDiscardChangesNoButton No
audioRecorderMainPanelOkButton OK
audioRecorderMainPanelCancelButton Cancel
audioRecorderUploaded Uploaded
audioRecorderUploading Uploading…
audioRecorderUploadSuccessful Upload successful
audioRecorderUploadFailed Upload failed. Try again
videoRecorderRecordButton Record video
videoRecorderUploadButton Upload video
videoRecorderReplaceRecording A previous recording exists. If you continue, it will be discarded. Are you sure you want to discard existing recording?
videoRecorderUploadInformation Recording will be uploaded and optimized.
videoRecorderDiscardChanges Discard changes?
videoRecorderDiscardChangesYesButton Yes
videoRecorderDiscardChangesNoButton No
videoRecorderMainPanelOkButton OK
videoRecorderMainPanelCancelButton Cancel
videoRecorderUploaded Uploaded
videoRecorderUploading Uploading…
videoRecorderUploadSuccessful Upload successful
videoRecorderUploadFailed Upload failed. Try again
assetUploaderUploading Uploading…
assetUploaderAddFile Drag & drop or click to add %fileType%
assetUploaderReplaceFile Replace %fileType%
assetUploaderReplaceFileDescription (Drag & drop or click to replace %fileType%)
assetUploaderUploadFailed Uploading failed. Please try again.
assetUploaderAboveMaxFiles Please upload %maxFiles% file at a time
assetUploaderAboveMaxSize %assetName% could not be uploaded, because it has a size of %assetSize%; which exceeds the maximum file size of %maxSize%.
assetUploaderInvalidFileType %assetName% could not be uploaded. Please only upload %fileType% files of type %friendlyTypes%.
assetUploaderAlternativeText Alternative Text
assetUploaderImageAlignment Image Alignment
assetUploaderImageAlignmentNone None
assetUploaderImageAlignmentLeft Left
assetUploaderImageAlignmentCenter Center
assetUploaderImageAlignmentRight Right
assetUploaderOverrideDimensions Override image dimensions
assetUploaderWidth Width (px)
assetUploaderHeight Height (px)
assetUploaderLockAspectRatio Lock aspect ratio
assetUploaderScaleDownDescription If your image is larger than the content container, it will be scaled down automatically to fit. Preventing scaling will make the image conform to the image dimensions, regardless of container size.
assetUploaderPreventScaling Prevent scaling
assetUploaderReset Reset
assetUploaderCancel Cancel
assetUploaderOK OK
assetUploaderMoreOptions More options
assetUploaderSelfHostedFile Source URL (host your own %fileType%):
assetDisplayName Display Name:
ckeditor.undo.undo Undo
ckeditor.undo.redo Redo
ckeditor.pastetext.button Paste as plain text
ckeditor.pastetext.title Paste as Plain Text
ckeditor.clipboard.pasteMsg Please paste inside the following box using the keyboard(Ctrl/Cmd+V) and hit OK
ckeditor.common.cancel Cancel
ckeditor.common.ok Ok
ckeditor.common.close Close
ckeditor.basicstyles.bold Bold
ckeditor.basicstyles.italic Italic
ckeditor.basicstyles.underline Underline
ckeditor.removeformat.toolbar Remove Format
ckeditor.list.numberedlist Insert/Remove Numbered List
ckeditor.list.bulletedlist Insert/Remove Bulleted List
ckeditor.justify.left Align Left Center
ckeditor.justify.right Align Right
ckeditor.justify.block Justify


var init = {
    config: {
        label_bundle: {
            "dataTableButton": "Les données",
            "questionPreviewHeading": "avant-première",
            "questionPreviewCancel": "annuler",
var authorApp = LearnosityAuthor.init(init);