Data API Guide

Learnosity's Data API is a back end service that allows consumers to retrieve and store information from within the Learnosity platform. Only authenticated users can access information, over SSL.


The format of requests to Data API use the following syntax:[LTS VERSION]/itembank/*

For example, to use the 2023.1.LTS version and the 'Get Activities' Item bank endpoint, you would create a request like so:

Core Features

Simple to Use

Fetch all the information you need - using the same security mechanism as all our other API's, you can be up and running with our Data API in no time!

Click through to to our Quick Start Guide, and get up and running with our Data API today!

Quick Start

Granular access to all your information

We provide full, granular access to all your information stored in our system - empowering you to leverage your data in whatever ways you can think of!

Click through to see a list of Data API Endpoints and how to use them, with full examples of queries and responses.

Data API Endpoints

Note: Learnosity is not a REST API. All HTTP calls to the API need to be in the form of a POST operation.