Public Method Author API


Type: object

Further options for Activity duplication.


  • reference string

    The Activity reference used to identify the Activity.

    If no value is passed, the new Activity that will be created will have a UUID as the reference. If you specify a custom reference, it must not match the reference of an existing Activity in the Item bank; otherwise, the operation will fail with an error.

    Maximum length is 150 characters.

  • deepCopy boolean

    If set to true, then the Items and content of the Activity will be duplicated.

    Default: false

  • duplicateSharedPassages boolean

    If deepCopy is set to true, then setting this value to true will duplicate all shared passages within all Items.

    If set to false, shared passages will not be copied and will instead load the original instance of the shared passages for all Items.

    Note If deepCopy is set to false, this setting will be ignored.

    Default: false

  • showConfirmationScreen boolean

    If set to true, the author will be taken to the confirmation screen before the duplication begins. In addition, the deepCopy and duplicateSharedPassages settings will have no effect when this is set to true.

    If set to false, no confirmation screen is shown, the duplication happens immediately, and the deepCopy and duplicateSharedPassages settings are respected.

    The deep_copy and duplicate_shared_passages initialization options determine which options are displayed on the confirmation screen.

    Default: false

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