Public Method Author API


Gets the current scoring type of the Item being edited.

You would want to use this method so that you can verify the scoring used in the Item, for example.


var scoringType = authorApp.getScoringType();



Return value

  • string

    Returns scoringType (string), the current Item scoring type which can be one of the following possible values.

    Possible values:
    • "per-question"

      This is the default scoring type. The score for each Item is calculated by adding the score from each Question on the Item.

    • "dichotomous"

      Dichotomously scored Items have only two possible outcomes: fully correct or fully incorrect.

    • "dependent"

      In dependent scoring, the score taken from each Question depends on the scores of previous Questions on the Item.

  • boolean

    Returns false if not in the Item editor view.

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