Public Method Author API


Set the list of Tags to associate with the Item being edited. This overwrites the current list of associated Tags. Note that if the Tag(s) being attached to an Item don't already exist in the Item bank, they will be created. Caution should be taken to avoid extraneous content.

Returns Tags (array[tagsV2]), the new list of Item TagsV2 objects, or false (boolean) if unable to set the Item Tags (e.g. when not editing an Item, passed tags is invalid or the same as the current Tags).

Note Tags hidden by the option are returned by this method if they are included in the passed tags.




  • tags array[tagsV2]

    An array of TagsV2 objects (case-insensitive)

Return value

array[tagsV2] | boolean

Type definitions

tagsV2 object

Tags are used to improve searching for content while authoring and for reporting and analytics purposes.

See Understanding Tag Formats for Content Creation and Filtering for more information.

  • name string

    The Tag name.

    Maximum length is 255 characters.

  • type string

    The Tag type.

    Maximum length is 255 characters.