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Returns the current list of Tags associated with the Activity being edited.

You would want to use this method so that you can display the current Tags for the current Activity, for example.

Important This method can only be used when in the Activity editor view, when the mode initialization option is set to "activity_edit".


var tags = authorApp.getActivityTags();

    { "type": "TYPE1", "name": "NAME1" },
    { "type": "TYPE1", "name": "NAME2" },
    { "type": "TYPE2", "name": "NAME1" },
    { "type": "TYPE2", "name": "NAME3" }



Return value

array[tagsV2] | boolean

Returns an array containing all Tags for the current Activity.

Returns false if not in the Activity editor view.


Any Tags hidden by the hide_tags initialization option are not returned by this method.

Type definitions

tagsV2 object

Tags are used to improve searching for content while authoring and for reporting and analytics purposes.

See Understanding Tag Formats for Content Creation and Filtering for more information.

  • name string

    The Tag name.

    Maximum length is 255 characters.

  • type string

    The Tag type.

    Maximum length is 255 characters.

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  • The setActivityTags() method, which allows you to apply Tags to the current Activity.
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