Initialization Option Author API


Holds configuration for the Item lookup screens (Item picker, intro and outro picker views) used by the Activity editor.

Important If a filter is specified for item list and none for item search, the item list filter will be applied.


Request object key config.activity_edit.item_search

Type object

This object has the following properties which can be configured.

  • back boolean

    Controls whether the "back" button is shown.

  • filter object

    Options for filtering and restricting content that is displayed on the Item lookup screens.

  • item_banks array

    An optional array of Item banks from where Items for Activities can be loaded.

  • limit number

    Control the number of Items listed on each page in the Item picker, intro and outro picker views.

  • show boolean

    Controls whether the "Find Items" button is shown in the Activity edit view.

  • sort boolean

    Controls whether the sort option is shown.

  • title object

    Holds configuration for the Item title in the Item picker, intro and outro picker views.

  • toolbar object

    Holds configuration options for the search toolbar.

Type definitions

ItemBankDefinition object

An ItemBankDefinition describes from which sources Items can be loaded for an Activity. It is used as an entry in Activity edit's item_banks.

  • organisation_id number
    Specifies the organisation from which the Items are loaded.
  • item_bank_name string
    The name of the Item bank displayed by Author API.
  • item_pool_id string
    The ID of the Item pool from which Items are loaded.
  • filter object
    A specific filter for the Item bank. The object structure of the filter is the same as the Item search filter.