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Define custom assessment player templates for authors to select from in the Activity editor.

You would want to use this to create new assessment player templates that authors can choose when creating a new Activity.

An assessment player template is a defined set of Assess API initialization options which will be used to display the Activity. Custom assessment player templates specified here will be included in the list of existing templates available on the player tab of the Activity editor.

See Custom Assessment Player Templates for more information and examples.


var initializationOptions = {
    "config": {
        "activity_edit": {
            "player_templates": [
                // ...


Request object key config.activity_edit.player_templates

Default: []

Type array[PlayerTemplateObject]

Each array object represents a custom assessment player template.

Type definitions

PlayerTemplateObject object

The following properties are supported in each template.

  • name string

    Display name of the template to be shown in the templates list.

  • reference string

    The unique identifier of the assessment player template. Max length for the reference is 150 characters.

  • labelBundle object

    Specifies label bundle overrides to pass to Assess API. Assess API's default label bundle will be used if not specified.

    See the labelBundle initialization option for Assess API for more information.

  • regions object

    Specifies the regions configuration to pass to Assess API.

    See the regions initialization option for Assess API for more information.

  • navigation object

    Customize various navigational elements within the assessment player.

    See the navigation initialization option for Assess API for more information.

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