Initialization Option Author API


Configuration options for Tag filters which are applied by default to the search criteria for the Item list results.


Request object key config.item_list.filter.restricted.tags

Type object

The following object properties can be configured.

Type definitions

tagsV2 object

Tags are used to improve searching for content while authoring and for reporting and analytics purposes.

See Understanding Tag Formats for Content Creation and Filtering for more information.

  • name string

    The Tag name.

    Maximum length is 255 characters.

  • type string

    The Tag type.

    Maximum length is 255 characters.


When Tags have been filtered out, but the author should still be able to apply some excluded Tags, one of the following solutions can be used.

For example, if the content is restricted to the "math" Tag only, but a newly authored Item should also include a "physics" Tag, the "physics" Tag can be set with the setItemTags() method.

Alternatively, you can override the default restrictions functionality by setting tags.allow_filtered_tags_overwrite option to true.

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