This is a lower-level API. Lower-level APIs are not recommended for most projects, and may not be available on all plans. See our page on recommended deployment patterns for more information.
Public Method Questions API


Type: object


var audioQuestion = myLearnosityApp.question('60001');

audioQuestion.response.setMetadata({ /* Insert response metadata here */ });;


  • audioQualityCheck function

    Important Audio question only.

    Returns an object stating the quality of the recording or false if there was no response recorded in the current session.

    The method accepts an optional qualityParameters object that allows the client to override the default parameters used to assess the audio quality.

    Returns: false | AudioQuality
  • getMetadata function

    Gets the response metadata set for this question.

    Returns: undefined | Metadata
  • pause function

    Important Audio or Video question only.

    Pause the user's response.

  • play function

    Important Audio or Video question only.

    Play the user's response.

  • resume function

    Important Audio or Video question only.

    Resume the user's response.

  • seek function

    Important Audio or Video question only.

    Go to a point in the user's response. Takes the position in percentage of the audio or video duration.

  • setMetadata function

    Sets the given response metadata for this question.

    The metadata passed into this method may be anything that should be stored with the response object. A response must already exist before this method is called; if not, the metadata will not be set and an error will be logged.

    Returns true if the given metadata was able to be set for this question's response; otherwise false.

    Returns: boolean
  • stop function

    Important Audio or Video question only.

    Stop playing the user's response.

  • volume object
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