Warning Warning! This is a lower-level API. Lower-level APIs are not recommended for most projects, and may not be available on all plans. See our page on recommended deployment patterns for more information.


This article outlines the approach to internationalization of labels and text rendered by the Questions API UI and details the available labels for override, showing example markup.

Label Bundles

When calling LearnosityApp.init() an internationalization bundle of key value pairs can be supplied as labelBundle.

Below is the current list of labels that can be changed through the labelBundle object. It is intended to cover all text that is displayed to the user.

Label Name English Content Max Char Limit
addData Add Data 20
audioplaybackerror Unable to play audio asset. Click to try again in a moment. N/A as this is a native browser pop-up
audioPlayer Audio Player 20
audioRecorder Audio Recorder 20
audioretrievalretry Trying to retrieve audio 27
audioPlayRecording Play recording 14
audioStopPlayback Stop playback 13
audioPausePlayback Pause playback 14
audioContinuePlayback Continue playback 17
audioStopRecording Stop recording 14
audioStartRecording Start recording 15
audioPauseRecording Pause recording 15
audioContinueRecording Continue recording 18
audioAdjustVolume Adjust Volume 13
simpleChartNoData No Data Available. Please add a new bar. 40
simpleChartNewBarDefaultName New Bar 7
calculator Calculator N/A
cancel Cancel N/A
Default Characters
characterMapIcon á 1
Default Math Characters
characterMapMathIcon Σ 1
characterMapTitle Character Map 26
checkAnswer Check Answer 20
checkAnswers Check Answers 20
clear Clear 5
clickToRecord Click on record to start 30
clickToStartPlayback Click on play to start playback 30
closeThisWindow Close this window N/A
confirmrecordoverwrite A previous audio recording exists. If you continue it will be replaced. N/A as this is a native browser pop-up
continuelabel Continue 18
color color 5
colorPicker Color Picker 12
copy Copy 10
correctAnswer Correct Answer 20
correctAnswers Correct Answers 20
counterTemplate Beginning in {num} seconds 40
cut Cut 10
downloadAudio Download 15
downloadVideo Download video file N/A
editorBoldIcon B 1
editorBoldTitle Bold 10
editorBulletedListTitle Bulleted list 15
editorItalicsIcon I 1
editorItalicsTitle Italics 10
editorNumberedListTitle Numbered list 13
editorRemoveFormatTitle Clear formatting 16
editorSubscriptTitle Subscript 9
editorSuperscriptTitle Superscript 11
editorUnderlineIcon U 1
editorUnderlineTitle Underline 10
error Error 12
fileUpload.deleteFileMode Delete File Mode 16
fileUpload.fileLimit File Limit 10
fileUpload.fileFormatsSupported Supported file formats 22
fileUpload.notification.couldNotUpload could not be uploaded. Please try again. 40
fileUpload.notification.invalidFileType has an invalid file type. Allowed file extensions are: 54
fileUpload.notification.maxFilesReached The maximum number of files have been selected. 47
fileUpload.notification.tooLarge is too large. Please select files less than 43
fileUpload.notification.tooManyFilesSelected Too many files selected, the maximum allowed is 47
fileUpload.notification.alreadySelected has already been selected. 27
fileUpload.uploadFiles Upload files 12
fileUpload.uploadFailed upload failed 13
fileUpload.photoCapture.launch Capture photo N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.accessToCamera.title Waiting for camera access N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.accessToCamera.description Before capturing, we will ask for access to the camera. N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.accessToCamera.denied No camera found. Please check your browser settings or refresh the page to try again. N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.countdownCapturingIn Capturing in... N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.chooseName Name your photo N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.defaultFileName photo N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.confirmDelete Delete current image? N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.capture Capture N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.retake Retake N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.accept Accept N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.save Save N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.cancel Cancel N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.delete Delete N/A
fileUpload.photoCapture.close Close N/A
graphingTools.move Move 15
graphingTools.point Point 15
graphingTools.line Line 15
graphingTools.ray Ray 15
graphingTools.segment Segment 15
graphingTools.vector Vector 15
graphingTools.circle Circle 15
graphingTools.parabola Parabola 15
graphingTools.sine Sine 15
graphingTools.polygon Polygon 15
graphingTools.delete Delete 15
graphingTools.label Label 15
handwritingApiError Unable to recognise handwriting. Please try again later. 56
imageTool Image Tool 30
imageUpload.addAnnotation Add Annotation 30
imageUpload.configureImage Configure Image 30
imageUpload.enterAnnotation Enter an annotation 30
imageUpload.deleteMode Delete Mode 30
imageUpload.noResponse No content entered 30
imageUpload.rotateImage Rotate Image 30
imageUpload.uploadNewImage Upload a new image to replace a failed upload 30
imageUpload.replaceImage Replace current image 30
imageUpload.uploadImage Upload an image 30
imageUpload.removeAllAnnotations Remove all annotations when uploading the image 50
imageValidationArea Image validation area 21
incorrectAnswer Incorrect answer 16
incorrectAnswers Incorrect answers 17
lineChartNewPointDefaultName New Point 9
listen Listen 12
loading Loading 18
loadingInfo Loading question. Just a moment please.. 200
maxPlayAttempts You reached the playback limit 35
maxRecordAttempts You used all your recording attempts 35
maxResponseNotification Only answer is allowed. 40
maxResponsesNotification Only answers are allowed. 42
microphoneDeviceMissing Microphone device missing error. 35
microphoneDeviceNoAuth Microphone not authorised 35
noAudio No audio to playback 20
ok OK N/A
onbeforeunload You have unsaved responses. If you continue you will lose these responses N/A as this is a native browser pop-up
paste Paste 10
pause Pause 18
play Play 10
silenceDetected Recording stopped due to silence detected 41
playback Playback 11
playbackPaused Playback paused 20
playbackUnavailable Playback unavailable 20
playing Playing 15
progress Progress 15
ratingInfoIcon i 1
ready Ready 10
record Record 10
recordAudioStatusLine Click to change microphone access settings. 100
recordAudioStatusTitle Audio Status 25
recordAuthRememberTitle Microphone permission --
recordAuthRememberHtml Select remember before ticking allow. This will allow you to record audio and stop this pop-up box being shown again. --
recordAuthRememberTroubleLink Need help? 20
recordChromeAuthTitle Additional permissions for Chrome --
recordChromeAuth1st Click allow above, in the top right of your browser window: --
recordChromeAuth1stB Click the allow button to enable microphone permissions. --
recordChromeAuth2nd Close this window. --
recordChromeAuthTroubleLink If the button is not displayed, refer to this guide. --
recordMobileTroubleLink If you are using a mobile device, refer to this guide. --
recording Recording 19
recordingComplete Recording complete 35
recordingCounterPreload Recording will begin in ... 35
recordingPaused Recording paused 35
recordingUnavailable Recording unavailable 30
recordSwfErrorLine1 We've been unable to access flash. Please ensure a blocker 60
recordSwfErrorLine2 is not enabled and that you have the latest version of flash. 60
redo Redo 10
replay Replay 18
reset Reset 18
delete Delete 6
givenResponses Given responses 15
response Response 8
responseArea Response area 13
retry Retry 8
rightClickAudioDownload Right-click to save audio file. 75
saveButtonLabel Save Answers 24
saveComplete Saved 10
saveInProgress Saving... 18
seekTo Skip to 20
showAllResponses Show all responses 28
source Source 20
stop Stop 10
submitButtonLabel Submit Answers 28
submitComplete Submitted 18
submitInProgress Submitting... 26
tapToStartPlayback Tap to start playback 26
target Target 20
uierrorfeedback A problem occurred. Please try again later. If the problem persists contact your administrator. N/A as this is a native browser pop-up
unableToPlayAsset Unable to play, asset not available. 45
unavailable Unavailable 12
undo Undo 10
unsupportedBrowser Sorry, this item cannot be displayed because your browser is not supported. 60
unsupportedCompatibilityMode Sorry, this item cannot be displayed because your browser is in an unsupported compatibility view. 98
videoplayerTextAlternativeCaption Captions 8
volume volume N/A
videoFormatUnsupported Your browser does not support this video format. N/A
videoPlaybackError Playback error N/A
word Word(s) 7
wordLength Word Limit 15
editor.toolbar.bold Bold 4
editor.toolbar.italic Italic 6
editor.toolbar.underline Underline 9
editor.toolbar.removeFormat Clear formatting 16
editor.toolbar.orderedList Numbered list 13
editor.toolbar.unorderedList Bullet list 11
editor.toolbar.alignLeft Align left 10
editor.toolbar.alignCenter Align center 12
editor.toolbar.alignRight Align right 11
editor.toolbar.alignJustify Align justify 13
editor.toolbar.indentIncrease Increase indent 15
editor.toolbar.indentDecrease Decrease indent 15
editor.toolbar.insertHorizontalRule Insert horizontal rule 22
editor.toolbar.subscript Subscript 9
editor.toolbar.superscript Superscript 11
editor.toolbar.charactermap Character map 13
editor.toolbar.table Table 5
editor.toolbar.blockquote Block quote 11
editor.toolbar.undo Undo 4
editor.toolbar.redo Redo 4
editor.modals.tableTitle Table 5
editor.modals.editTableTitle Edit table 10
editor.modals.apply Apply 5
editor.modals.columns Columns 7
editor.modals.rows Rows 4
editor.modals.insertColumnBefore Insert before 13
editor.modals.insertColumnAfter Insert after 12
editor.modals.insertRowAbove Insert above 12
editor.modals.insertRowBelow Insert below 12
editor.modals.deleteTable Delete table 12
editor.modals.deleteColumn Delete column 13
editor.modals.deleteRow Delete row 10
editor.editTable Edit table 10
playconversation Play Conversation 25
playConversationTitle Playing Question 26
response Response 12
stimulus Stimulus 12
stopconversation Stop Conversation 25
drawing.toolbar.straightedge Line 4
drawing.toolbar.scribble Scribble 8
drawing.toolbar.compass Compass 7
drawing.toolbar.eraser Eraser 6
drawing.toolbar.clear Clear 5
drawing.toolbar.undo Undo 4
drawing.toolbar.redo Redo 4
masking.ariaLabelMask Mask N/A
masking.ariaLabelUnmask Unmask N/A
mathKeyboardSymbols.empty --
mathKeyboardSymbols.x x 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.y y 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.z z 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.a a 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.b b 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.c c 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.d d 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.f f 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.abc abc 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.prime Prime/Arcminute 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.doubleprime Double Prime/Arcsecond 22
mathKeyboardSymbols.dollars Dollars 7
mathKeyboardSymbols.plus Plus 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.minus Minus 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.times Multiply 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.div Divide 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.pm Plus or minus 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.equals Equals 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.greater Greater than 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.less Less than 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.ge Greater than or equal to 24
mathKeyboardSymbols.le Less than or equal to 21
mathKeyboardSymbols.ne Not equal to 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.approx Approximately equal to 22
mathKeyboardSymbols.perp Perpendicular to 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.propto Proportional to 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.mid Vertical line 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.ngtr Not greater than 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.nless Not less than 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.parentheses Group in parentheses 20
mathKeyboardSymbols.brackets Group in brackets 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.curlybraces Group in curly braces 21
mathKeyboardSymbols.leftbraces Group in odd braces 19
mathKeyboardSymbols.rightbraces Group in odd braces 19
mathKeyboardSymbols.leftbracket Left square bracket 19
mathKeyboardSymbols.rightbracket Right square bracket 20
mathKeyboardSymbols.exponent Exponent 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.square Square 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.subscript Subscript 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.frac Fraction using previous expression as numerator 47
mathKeyboardSymbols.fraction Fraction 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.ratio Ratio 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.percentage Percentage 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.abs Absolute value 14
mathKeyboardSymbols.sqrt Square root 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.cube Cube root 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.nthroot Nth root 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.int Integral 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.sum Summation 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.partial Partial Derivative 18
mathKeyboardSymbols.limit Limit x to 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.vector Vector 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.mathbb Real number set 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.mathbbq Q 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.mathbbn N 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.mathbbz Z 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.mathbbi I 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.mathbbc C 1
mathKeyboardSymbols.imaginary Imaginary Number 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.euler Euler Number 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.alpha Alpha 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.beta Beta 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.gamma Gamma 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.delta Delta 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.epsilon Epsilon 7
mathKeyboardSymbols.zeta Zeta 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.eta Eta 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.theta Theta 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.iota Iota 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.kappa Kappa 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.lambda Lambda 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.mu Mu 2
mathKeyboardSymbols.nu Nu 2
mathKeyboardSymbols.xi Xi 2
mathKeyboardSymbols.omicron Omicron 7
mathKeyboardSymbols.pi Pi 2
mathKeyboardSymbols.rho Rho 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.sigma Sigma 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.tau Tau 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.upsilon Upsilon 7
mathKeyboardSymbols.phi Phi 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.chi Chi 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.psi Psi 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.omega Omega 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.ALPHA Alpha (uppercase) 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.BETA Beta (uppercase) 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.GAMMA Gamma (uppercase) 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.DELTA Delta (uppercase) 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.EPSILON Epsilon (uppercase) 19
mathKeyboardSymbols.ZETA Zeta (uppercase) 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.ETA Eta (uppercase) 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.THETA Theta (uppercase) 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.IOTA Iota (uppercase) 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.KAPPA Kappa (uppercase) 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.LAMBDA Lambda (uppercase) 18
mathKeyboardSymbols.MU Mu (uppercase) 14
mathKeyboardSymbols.NU Nu (uppercase) 14
mathKeyboardSymbols.XI Xi (uppercase) 14
mathKeyboardSymbols.OMICRON Omicron (uppercase) 19
mathKeyboardSymbols.PI Pi (uppercase) 14
mathKeyboardSymbols.RHO Rho (uppercase) 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.SIGMA Sigma (uppercase) 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.TAU Tau (uppercase) 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.UPI Upsilon (uppercase) 19
mathKeyboardSymbols.PHI Phi (uppercase) 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.CHI Chi (uppercase) 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.PSI Psi (uppercase) 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.OMEGA Omega (uppercase) 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.sin Sine 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.cos Cosine 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.tan Tangent 7
mathKeyboardSymbols.arcsin Inverse sine 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.arccos Inverse cosine 14
mathKeyboardSymbols.arctan Inverse tangent 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.cap Intersection 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.union Union 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.in Member of 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.notin Not member of 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.ni Contains 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.subseteq Subset 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.supseteq Superset 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.subset Subset (strict) 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.supset Superset (strict) 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.notsubset Not subset (strict) 19
mathKeyboardSymbols.notsupset Not superset (strict) 21
mathKeyboardSymbols.notsubseteq Not subset 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.notsupseteq Not superset 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.notni Does not contain 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.backslash Backslash 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.slash Forward slash 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.factorial Factorial 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.angle Angle 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.measuredangle Measure of angle 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.parallel Parallel to 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.nparallel Not parallel to 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.sim Similar to 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.cong Congruent to 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.degree Degree symbol 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.triangle Triangle 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.circledot Circle 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.parallelogram Parallelogram 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.overarc Arc 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.leftarrow Leftwards arrow 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.rightarrow Rightwards arrow 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.leftrightarrow Left/right arrow 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.longleftrightarrow Long left/right arrow 21
mathKeyboardSymbols.rightdoublearrow Implies equivalence 19
mathKeyboardSymbols.leftrightdoublearrow Material equivalence 20
mathKeyboardSymbols.overrightarrow Ray 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.overleftarrow Left ray 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.overleftrightarrow Line 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.overline Line segment 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.dot Recurring Decimal 17
mathKeyboardSymbols.longdiv Long division 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.overset Oxidation 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.therefore Therefore 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.infty Infinity 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.matrix Matrix 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.pmatrix Matrix bounded by parentheses 29
mathKeyboardSymbols.bmatrix 2 x 2 Matrix bounded by brackets 32
mathKeyboardSymbols.threebmatrix 3 x 3 Matrix bounded by brackets 32
mathKeyboardSymbols.singlebmatrix Single Matrix bounded by brackets 33
mathKeyboardSymbols.Bmatrix Matrix bounded by braces 24
mathKeyboardSymbols.vmatrix Matrix bounded by vertical lines 32
mathKeyboardSymbols.Vmatrix Matrix bounded by double vertical lines 39
mathKeyboardSymbols.ldots Horizontal dots (baseline) 26
mathKeyboardSymbols.cdots Horizontal dots (centered) 26
mathKeyboardSymbols.ddots Diagonal dots 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.vdots Vertical dots 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.cdot Dot multiplier 14
mathKeyboardSymbols.cdotp Center dot (punctuation) 24
mathKeyboardSymbols.response Editable area 26
mathKeyboardSymbols.addmatrixcol Insert column 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.addmatrixrow Insert row 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.gram Gram 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.cg Centigram 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.kg Kilogram 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.mg Milligram 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.ng Nanogram 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.meter Meter 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.cm Centimeter 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.km Kilometer 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.mm Millimeter 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.nm Nanometer 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.second Second 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.cs Centisecond 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.ks Kilosecond 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.ms Millisecond 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.ns Nanosecond 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.liter Liter 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.ml Millitliter 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.ug Microgram 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.inch Inch 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.ft Foot 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.mi Mile 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.fl Fluid Ounce 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.cup Cup 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.pt Pint 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.qt Quart 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.gal Gallon 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.oz Ounce 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.lb Pound 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.mug Microgram 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.mus Microsecond 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.mum Micrometer 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.mul Microlitre 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.mol Mole 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.atomic Atomic symbol 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.polyatomic Polyatomic ion 14
mathKeyboardSymbols.superscript Superscript 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.molar Molar mass 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.rightleftharpoons Right / left harpoons 21
mathKeyboardSymbols.leftrightharpoons Left / right harpoons 21
mathKeyboardSymbols.singlebond Single bond 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.doublebond Double bond 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.triplebond Triple bond 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.threedotbond Three dot bond 14
mathKeyboardSymbols.fourdotbond Four dot bond 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.rightarrowbond Right arrow bond 16
mathKeyboardSymbols.leftarrowbond Left arrow bond 15
mathKeyboardSymbols.xrightarrow Arrow with superscript and subscript 36
mathKeyboardSymbols.lfloor Left floor 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.rfloor Right floor 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.lceil Left ceiling 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.rceil Right ceiling 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.uparrow Up arrow 8
mathKeyboardSymbols.equiv Equivalence 11
mathKeyboardSymbols.and And 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.not Not 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.or Or 2
mathKeyboardSymbols.exist Exist 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.exists Exists 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.forall Forall 6
mathKeyboardSymbols.oplus Circled plus 12
mathKeyboardSymbols.zero Zero 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.one One 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.two Two 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.three Three 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.four Four 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.five Five 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.six Six 3
mathKeyboardSymbols.seven Seven 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.eight Eight 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.nine Nine 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.divide Divided by 10
mathKeyboardSymbols.multiply Multiplied by 13
mathKeyboardSymbols.decimal Decimal 7
mathKeyboardSymbols.comma Comma 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.left Left 4
mathKeyboardSymbols.right Right 5
mathKeyboardSymbols.backspace Backspace 9
mathKeyboardSymbols.responseContainerIcon Response Container 18
mathKeyboardTitle.handwriting Handwriting 11
mathKeyboardTitle.qwerty Keyboard 8
mathKeyboardTitle.basic Basic 5
mathKeyboardTitle.basic_junior Basic Junior 12
mathKeyboardTitle.basic_author Basic 5
mathKeyboardTitle.algebra Algebra 7
mathKeyboardTitle.comparison Comparison 10
mathKeyboardTitle.geometry Geometry 8
mathKeyboardTitle.matrices Matrices 8
mathKeyboardTitle.trigonometry Trigonometry 12
mathKeyboardTitle.sets Sets 4
mathKeyboardTitle.units_si Units (SI) 10
mathKeyboardTitle.units_us Units (US Customary) 20
mathKeyboardTitle.greek Greek letters 13
mathKeyboardTitle.chemistry Chemistry 9
mathKeyboardTitle.chemistry_author Chemistry 9
mathKeyboardTitle.grouping Grouping Symbols 16
mathKeyboardTitle.grouping_single Grouping Symbols with single bracket 36
mathKeyboardTitle.calculus Calculus 8
mathKeyboardTitle.misc Miscellaneous 13
mathKeyboardTitle.discrete Discrete 8
mathKeyboardTitle.general General 7
symbols.options.handwriting Handwriting N/A
symbols.options.qwerty QWERTY N/A
symbols.options.basic Basic N/A
symbols.options.basic_junior Basic (Junior) N/A
symbols.options.basic_author Basic (Author) N/A
symbols.options.algebra Algebra N/A
symbols.options.comparison Comparison N/A
symbols.options.geometry Geometry N/A
symbols.options.matrices Matrices N/A
symbols.options.trigonometry Trigonometry N/A
symbols.options.sets Sets N/A
symbols.options.units_si Units (SI) N/A
symbols.options.units_us Units (US) N/A
symbols.options.greek Greek N/A
symbols.options.chemistry Chemistry N/A
symbols.options.chemistry_author Chemistry (Author) N/A
symbols.options.grouping Grouping N/A
symbols.options.calculus Calculus N/A
symbols.options.misc Misc N/A
symbols.options.discrete Discrete N/A
symbols.options.arrays Arrays N/A


var options = {
    labelBundle: {
        "loadingInfo": "Ładowanie pytanie. Chwileczkę proszę...",
        "play": "Grać",
var questionsApp = LearnosityApp.init(activity, options);


Not all areas can be translated. The Flash microphone access request language will be based on the OS language. Only the labels provided above can be changed.

The upload process is under development and may result in a number of loading notices to the user.

When override the labels of longtextV2, users should use editor.toolbar labels.

When override the labels of drawing, users should use drawing.toolbar labels.