This is a lower-level API. Lower-level APIs are not recommended for most projects, and may not be available on all plans. See our page on recommended deployment patterns for more information.


Tips and error codes for troubleshooting the Items API

Questions Editor API will log error occurrences to the JavaScript console of the browser. These errors can be checked by the following command in the console: LearnosityQuestionEditor.errors.

ErrorMessage for users
Error code: 10001
Error validating options
Error code: 10002
Error calling public method
Error code: 10003
Question JSON error
Error code: 10004
Error building columns
Error code: 10005
Error accessing Learnosity Questions API
Error code: 10006
Missing DOM hook
Error code: 10007
Fetch Activity Exception
Error code: 10008
Invalid Layout Exception

The error codes below can affect the assessment in the following ways:

  • Global UI Error - this is a fatal error that will stop the Learnosity app from working and is not recoverable. Users will see an error message printed out on the screen explaining the error. They will have to try loading the assessment again or report the issue.
  • Question UI Error - this is a fatal error that only applies to an individual problematic Question instance. Other Question instances are not affected and will continue to work as expected.
  • Alert Only - this is a recoverable error where the user can retry their last action before the error occured. For example, failing to save due to no network connectivity.

ErrorMessage for usersError type
Error code: 10001
Failed validating activity / format error Global UI Error
Error code: 10002
Response id conflict Global UI Error
Error code: 10003
Failed authentication Global UI Error
Error code: 10004
Save responses failed Alert Only
Error code: 10005
Response not found Question UI Error
Error code: 10006
Audio save to server failed Alert Only
Error code: 10007
Authorisation failed Question UI Error
Error code: 10008
Audio asset failed to load Alert Only
Error code: 10009
Audio asset temporarily not available Alert Only
Error code: 10010
Audio asset expired Question UI Error
Error code: 10011
Your device does not support audio-capture functionality Alert Only
Error code: 10012
No microphone found Alert Only
Error code: 10013
Unable to save, question validation failed Alert Only
Error code: 10014
Audio asset format not supported Alert Only
Error code: 10015
Browser not supported Global UI Error
Error code: 10016
Failed capturing questions Global UI Error
Error code: 10017
Failed loading Questions API, can't load required modules Alert Only
Error code: 10018
Browser running in an unsupported compatibility view Global UI Error
Error code: 10019
Failed validating math Alert Only
Error code: 10020
Failed validating appended elements Alert Only
Error code: 10021
Discard responses failed Alert Only
Error code: 10022
Audio playback failed Alert Only
Error code: 10023
Unable to render latex Alert Only
Error code: 10024
Failed loading external resource Alert Only
Error code: 10025
Failed resuming activity, network connectivity error Alert Only
Error code: 10026
Cannot set response metadata on empty response Alert Only
Error code: 10027
Failed pushing offline data to server Alert Only
Error code: 10028
Called needs pushing with incorrect parameters Alert Only
Error code: 10029
Asset could not be uploaded Alert Only
Error code: 10030
Error in third-party adaptive backend Alert Only