Warning Warning! This is a lower-level API. Lower-level APIs are not recommended for most projects, and may not be available on all plans. See our page on recommended deployment patterns for more information.

Question Editor API Guide

Our editor. Your item bank platform.

Learnosity's Question Editor (QE) API provides a fully featured Question and Feature creation tool, with an easy-to-use interface and a live preview and interaction panel, allowing on-the-fly interactive creation and testing for Authors. Providing simple, easy to use public methods to pull the created Question for saving to your item bank or Content Management System (CMS), these Questions can then be rendered later by the Questions API.

Easily embedded into your page, think of it as a WYSIWYG Editor for all your Authoring needs.

Version 3 of the Question Editor API builds on the strength of QE V2 with a fresh new UI and almost infinite layout flexibility. Don't want to show the question preview or the question title? Now you can by specifying your own global layout. Aiming to simplify the authoring experience for non-professional authors? You can create custom editor layouts to hide any unnecessary fields and change the order to make the authoring experience as intuitive as possible.

We've also made a number of other enhancements:

  • Easier to style: QE v3 no longer resides inside an iFrame which makes it much easier for you to apply custom styles
  • Better UX: authors can now set correct answers using a version of the same question that students will answer. This makes authoring a much more intuitive experience.
  • Better accessibility: we've modified our colour scheme to improve usability for vision impaired authors
  • Faster: we've rearchitectured the backend of QEV3 on top of a B+ tree to improve speed

Simple and advanced demos of this feature can be found below, which are all fully available from our public Github Repo (linked from our demo site).

Core Features

Easily Embeddable, Seamless Experience

Easily embedded into your page, think of it as a WYSIWYG Editor for all your Authoring needs. The illustration below gives an example of just how the Question Editor can be embedded in your environment.

EM 1


The editor allows full flexibility to control its appearance. Remove advanced views, position elements where you want them, default attributes, remove certain functionality, and easily simplify and constrain just how your Authors can create.

Digital Asset Management Integration

For image related questions, we know our customers don't want to spend have their authors hunting down links for image content - in lots of cases, they already have their own Digital Assets Managements(DAM) Systems

That's why we've provided flexible options for integrating easily with your existing DAM System - to give you all the power, with none of the effort!

Flexible API Methods for simple customisation

At Learnosity, we know that if we give people a tool, they'll use it in ways we can't even imagine! That's why we've provided public methods to allow you to tailor just how our embedded tools interact with your system. See our list of public methods, and Initialisation Options for more information.