QTI Conversion

Learnosity's QTI library to convert supported QTI 2.1 interactions to native Learnosity question type JSON and back again.

The Learnosity QTI Conversion Library is an open source tool to convert between QTI v2.1 and Learnosity JSON.

Supported Interactions – QTI to Learnosity

The following QTI v2.1 interactions are supported:

QTI Interaction Learnosity Question Type
ChoiceInteraction Multiple Choice Question
ExtendedTextInteraction Long Text
GraphicGapMatchInteraction Image Association
GapMatchInteraction Cloze Association
HottextInteraction Token Highlight
InlineChoiceInteraction Cloze Dropdown
MatchInteraction Choice Matrix
OrderInteraction Order List
TextEntryInteraction Cloze Text
HotspotInteraction Hotspot


Supported Question Types – Learnosity to QTI

The following Learnosity question types are supported:

Learnosity Question Type QTI Interaction
Choice Matrix MatchInteraction
Cloze Association GapMatchInteraction
Cloze Dropdown InlineChoiceInteraction
Cloze Text TextEntryInteraction
Image Association GraphicGapMatchInteraction
Long Text ExtendedTextInteraction
Multiple Choice Question ChoiceInteraction
Order List OrderInteraction
Plain Text ExtendedTextInteraction
Short Text TextEntryInteraction
Token Highlight HottextInteraction
Hotspot HotspotInteraction


Content Packaging

The QTI conversion library currently offers partial support on content packaging through parsing IMS manifest file to build activity, activity's tags and items' tags.

Unsupported Features

The QTI conversion library currently does not support:

  • Content packages
  • Custom styles
  • Rubrics
  • Distractors
  • IMS LD