Learnosity Console

What's New

21st April 2021

Bug fix update: Item analysis reports

Fixed a bug, improving the stability of Item Analysis.

31st March 2021

Bug fix update: Item analysis reports

Fixed a bug in Learnosity Console where Item Analysis reports could not be generated for some consumers.

9th December 2020

Bulk update manager for Author site

Added capability for the new Author site role, 'bulk update manager' to be applied to users from the Learnosity Console.

5th July 2020

PHP 7.4 compatibility

Added various updates to support PHP 7.4 compatibility.

16th July 2020

Author site version management update

Added the "latest-lts" option to the Author Site API version management drop-down list.

25th June 2020

'Request Access now' link removed

Removed the Request access now link on the login page. For users who want to gain access to the site, please contact your organisation’s user manager to create an account.

11th March 2020

The New Learnosity Blog

Improvement: Updated the blog link in the login and dashboard pages to point to the new Learnosity blog.

Bug fix update: Selecting Consumers in the Sessions Insights dropdown

Fixed a bug in which applying a new date range filter to the Sessions Insights graph in Console caused the number of consumers displayed in its dropdown menu to increase inaccurately.

Bug fix update: Axes labels now show better precision

Fixed a bug where the axes labels of the Console Insights Sessions and Item bank graphs did not show sufficient precision, causing the same label to appear multiple times for some ranges.

19th February 2020

New ways to integrate with Learnosity Partners

Added the ability to manage credentials for Learnosity Partners via Learnosity Console. Our initial integration includes Certica's AB Connect.

Screenshot of configuring partner keys for AB Connect integration.

Improvements to the Learnosity Console Dashboard

  • Fixed a bug where the chart data was no longer being updated regularly,
  • Removed the Most Active Authors chart, and
  • Improved the design to better support a variety of screen sizes, including mobile and tablet devices.

8th January 2020

Improved domain whitelist editing

Added a prompt to the Update Consumer page if there are unsaved changes to the Whitelist Domains section. This will help prevent losing unsaved changes to Whitelisted Domains.

7th August 2019

Bug fix update: New user creation validation

Fixed a bug where creating a new user in Console would succeed even if an invalid email address is provided.

17th July 2019

Bug fix update: Insights charts now show correct months

Fixed a bug where the Console Insights "Sessions details" graph would show the incorrect month for users in timezones west of UTC, including users in the United States.

5th June 2019

Bug fix update: Insights charts now handle empty results

Fixed a bug that causes Insights graphs to load infinitely without showing an error message if there are no results when a filter is applied.

30th April 2019

Improved Item bank Insights filter controls

Updated the dropdown filters on the Insights Item bank data chart so that selecting the "All types" and "All Item banks" options will mark all options as checked so that individual options can be easily deselected.

3rd April 2019

Safer domain whitelist editing

Updated the API Consumer domain whitelist editor to confirm edits and deletions of whitelisted domains before saving, in order to prevent accidental changes that could cause production errors.

Consumer Management - Domain Whitelist

13th March 2019

Bug fix update: Incorrect labelling in the Item banks chart

All time totals on the top of the chart now show total count of Questions and Features in line with the chart displayed below, rather than Items within a given Item bank as it had been stated in the section title.

Bug fix update: More correct messaging in Learnosity Console landing page

The Learnosity Console landing page will show a general message about the current user's access in case when they are not provided access to the Dashboard. It also outlines the process of gaining access to other areas in Learnosity Console and more quick links for other Learnosity sites and documentation.

Proper length of the username field in user profiles

Improved the username field to be 255 characters long, supporting the standard email format.

20th February 2019

Easier navigation through Learnosity Console

Redesigned navigation for Learnosity Console allows users to quickly access its most used features. Furthermore, the vertical orientation of the navigation component provides more space for content visibility.


A more intuitive user creation process

The Create User screen within User Management now allows for a progressive process capturing user information in 3 subsequent steps including general data, site access and selection of user roles and permissions with relevant documentation references.

New Insights into Item bank composition

Insights Item bank data chart provides information on Questions and Features authored with the ability to filter by time period, Question or Feature type, and Item bank.

Insights Item banks

9th January 2019

Sign in directly via the landing page

Updated the Learnosity Console landing page to make signing in to the Learnosity Console the primary action of the page. Learnosity users can still request access to the Learnosity Console via the landing page, however this is now a secondary action.

15th November 2018

All user management now in Learnosity Console

We have fully transitioned to managing users via the Learnosity Console Management module. All Author site user management has been depreciated and moved.

To access this functionality in Console users require one of the following Console roles: (Management) User Manager, (Management) Management Admin or Console Admin.

Sessions Delivered is now a line chart

Updated the Insights Sessions delivered chart to be a line chart. This allows Insights users to better visualise changes in trends for sessions delivered over time.

Sessions delivered line chart

To access this functionality in Console users require one of the following Console roles: Insights Access or Console Admin.

Consumer management - LTI self service improvements

An LTI Key and Secret pair can now be added against a Learnosity Consumer Key and Secret pair. This can be actioned in the Management module, Consumers section.

This allows users of LTI to self manage linking an LTI key pair to a new or existing Learnosity Consumer pair.

To access this functionality in Console users require one of the following Console roles: (Management) System Administrator, (Management) Management Admin or Console Admin.

24th October 2018

Delegate Tag Hierarchy Manager from Console

The new Author site role, Tag Hierarchy Manager is able to be delegated from Console user management.

Tag Hierarchy Manager delegate

17th October 2018

Bug fix update: 400 error solved

Fixed a bug related to header size limits that caused a "400 - Request Header Or Cookie Too Large" error for for some users accessing Management module or Author site settings module. Apologies for any inconvenience.

1st August 2018

Author site settings module

New module to manage Author site settings

Console Admins or Console users with the Author Site settings Manager role can create permission groups in the new module, at an Item bank level. To delegate a user to the permission group, head to the Management module to manage your users.

Notification - Item Analysis bug fix

Fixed a bug where the “Date Range” was ignored, leading to reports unconditionally covering the whole dataset rather than the selected period. Any previously run analysis will need to be re-run to get accurate data for the desired time range.

11th July 2018

New Insights Module!

Alpha release of a new module with an overview of your Learnosity usage

Console Admins or Console users with the Insights access role can access Learnosity usage reports via the Insights module. Starting with "Sessions Delivered" we\'re opening up a view for clients to monitor their assessment delivery.


30th May 2018

Learnosity Console BETA

Learnosity Console site begins BETA period

Preliminary testing and feedback has been collected from the Alpha period, and now begins the rollout period for Console BETA.

Console BETA Launches.

12th April 2018

Learnosity Console ALPHA

Learnosity Console site begins ALPHA period

Alpha testing is underway for the new Learnosity Console.
This closed launch includes Features such as a \'Quick View\' analytics dashboard, Management Module for Users, Item banks and Consumer configuration, Item Analysis Module and Custom Questions module to manage custom Question and Feature asset proxies.

Example Learnosity Console Dashboard.