Public Method Reports API


Each of the user IDs provided will navigate to the specified item.

The assessment will be automatically started if the student is still on the intro item.

The item is specified by reference (a string) or number (a 1-indexed number).

Important Only applicable to the live-activity-status-by-user report.


  • userArray array[userObject]
    Array of users to be added to the report.
  • itemObject object
    Object containing either an item_number or item_reference property.
    • item_number number
    • item_reference string
    • section_number number

Return value

None (undefined).

Type definitions

userObject object

An object containing the user information required to add that user to a live progress report.
  • id string
    The user id that should be tracked in this report. This is the same user_id used when initializing the Items API.
  • name string
    The user name to be displayed in the UI.
  • hash string
    A sha256 hash of the user_id and consumer secret.