Public Method Reports API


Type: object

A collection of required and optional parameters for selecting and filtering the data to be retrieved.


  • column_tag_types array[TagsV2|TagSearchByType]

    The hierarchy of column tags within which to limit the retrieved data.

    There are a number of distinct ways in which to use this parameter:

    • Pass [] to retrieve the overall total scores across all content in the report.
    • Pass an array containing a single TagSearchByType object to retrieve a breakdown of scores for all tag names within that tag type.
    • Pass an array containing one or more TagV2 objects and where the final element is a TagSearchByType object to retrieve a score breakdown for all tag names located at that tag path.
    • Pass an array containing TagV2 objects to retrieve the overall score for all content at that specific tag path (this is a more specific variant of the format above. Use the format above to retrieve scores for all nodes within a tag type, or this format to retrieve just one specific node).
  • row_tag_types array[TagsV2|TagSearchByType]

    (Optional) The hierarchy of row tags within which to limit the retrieved data.

    This parameter behaves similarly to the column_tag_types parameter; see above for details of usage.

  • user_ids array[string]
    The list of user_id entries in the report for which to specifically retrieve data.