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Allows access to a list of dialogs available when using the assessment player. You can also show and hide each of the dialog windows.

You would want to use this method so that you can show the pause dialog, for example.

Important This method only works when the rendering_type initialization option is set to "assess".


// List all available dialogs
var availableDialogs = itemsApp.dialogs();

// Show the pause dialog;

// Hide the pause dialog after 3 seconds
setTimeout(function () {
}, 3000);



Return value


A list of modal dialogs used in the Assess player. Methods on each DialogObject can be used to show or hide the corresponding modal dialog.

  • accessibility DialogObject
    Allows selection of an accessible color scheme, adjustment of font size, and provides instructions on how to adjust the browser zoom.
  • assetUploadError DialogObject
    Displays an error when there has been an issue uploading a media asset as part of a response.
  • configuration DialogObject
    Also known as the Administration Panel, this dialog allows an administrator to save and quit a session, exit and discard a session, and extend session time.
  • custom DialogObject
    Custom dialogs can be used to prompt the learner or display custom messages through the assessment player interface during the assessment.
  • error DialogObject
    Displays error messages that may occur during a session.
  • idleTimeout DialogObject
    When enabled, this dialog will be shown after a number of seconds of inactivity. Once shown, the learner has limited time to close the dialog to continue with the Activity. Failing to close the dialog in time, the current progress will be saved and the Activity will be exited.
  • menu DialogObject
    At smaller widths, such as on phone screens, this dialog represents the "hamburger" style menu and contains the various navigation elements that have been configured.
  • moduleLoadError DialogObject
    Displays an error when parts of the Learnosity app have failed to load due to connectivity issues, and provides an option for the learner to reload the page to try again.
  • pause DialogObject
    Displays a message when the Activity is paused and allows the learner to resume an Activity.
  • reviewScreen DialogObject
    The review screen that is usually presented at the end of an Activity. Allows the navigation to all Items in the assessment and has controls for filtering by the unattempted, partially attempted, and/or flagged Item status. When the learner is on the last Item, this panel allows the learner to save and submit the Activity.

Type definitions

DialogObject object

An object containing public methods for an instance of a dialog in the player.
  • hide function
    Hides the dialog.
  • show function
    Shows the dialog.

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